Fees & Conditions

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First Trial Class FREE
Fees are paid by term and to be paid on the first class of term.
Please speak to us if you would like to split payments
Cheques made payable to Danz Studio or can be paid direct,
please ask Dan for banking details
There is a one off registration fee of £10 to all new students. 
Free trial class does not apply to adult classes
Please fill out the Health Questionnaire
one per child and press send
Check Term Dates page for 7 or 6 week terms
30 minute class     - £3.75 base rate -
45 minute class     - £4.75 base rate -
2 classes 5%, 3 classes 10%, 4 or more classes 15%.
15% is the maximum discount.
Classes are added up at the base rate and
discounted by number of classes taken.
(Siblings classes are also added up at the base rate
and discounted by total number of classes taken)
To save cutting into class time on the first week of every term,
please hand your payment or pre dated cheque made out to Danz Studio
in an envelope with your childs full name, and classes attending.
Receipts  if requested, will be returned to you the following week.
If you free trial a class during a term and would like to then join,
you will pay for the following weeks remaining in that term,
alongside the one off registration fee of £10.
- Leotard or uinform must be warn for Lyrical & Tap.
Street dance and Song&Danz own clothes,
but must be appropriate, no dresses or skirts
- Girls hair up in Lyrical & Tap
- All students must behave in an appropiate mannor.
- No Jewellery to be worn in class.
- No food or chewing gum in class.
- Phones to be put in phone box at start of class
- Parents are not allowed to watch classes unless invited.
Pre School class parents do sit in & watch.
- Student must be picked up promptly after class.
- Parent/Guardian to fill out medical Health Questionare.
- Asathma pumps must be given to teacher at start of class.
- Children joining within a 7 or 6 week term, first trial class is free,
then pay for the remainder of the term along
  with your registration fee.
- Fees are not refundable. 2 weeks notice must be given.
- For reasons out of our control that classes are cancelled will not be refunded.
- Danz Studio reserves the right to photograph and video
students for promotional use (Danz Studio Only).