Classes & Timetable

Lyrical 1&2 - 4-4:30pm
Infant Street - 4:30-5pm
Tap 1&2 - 5-5:30pm
Tap 4 - 4:30-5:15pm
Senior Street - 5:15-6pm
Lyrical 4 - 6-6:45pm
Adult Tap - 6:45-7:30pm
Adult Dance - 7:30-8:15pm
PreSchool Danz - 2-2:30pm (Taking names to start)
Lyrical 3 - 4-4:30pm
Tap 3 - 4:30-5pm
Junior Street - 5-5:30pm
Musical Theatre - 5:30-6:15pm
ADV Lyrical - 6:15-7pm
Commercial - 7-7:45pm
ADV Tap - 7:45-8:30pm
Class ages
These are an average guide.
Depending on a students experience/ability they may be asked to join a higher
or lower class,this is for confidence building and or, to develope their ability.
3-4 years - 
Pre School (We are taking names to start Oct 2019)
4-7 Years - 
Lyrical 1&2 - Tap 1&2 - Infant Street  - Musical Theatre      
8-11 years -
 Lyrical 3 - Tap 3 - Junior Street - Musical Theatre
11-13 years -
 Lyrical 4 - Tap 4 - Senior Street - Musical Theatre
14+ years -
 Adv Lyrical - Adv Tap - Adv Commercial
 Adult -
 Improver Tap & Any Ability Dance
Pre-School Danz
Danz Studio pre-school dance class is for children aged 3&4 years.
It’s the first introduction to dance incorporating different styles of music,
rhythm, balance & coordination.
Learning left from right and understanding how the body moves,
improving posture and strength.
The class is kept fun, and a lot of work is understood through ‘games’
At this developmental age a child has certain ability,
so we cover Ballet Tap & Jazz all in one.
Parents sit in and watch as this encourages confidance, and children bring a Teddy friend.
A technique class following the ISTD Sylibus alongside free work
 that builds on strength, posture and co-ordination.
There is an emphasis on placement, control and energetic movement, 
using a mix of ballet and modern dance with expression and creativity
forming the base to other dance styles. 
Lyrical dance is athletic, technical, requires concentration and stamina
but also adds emotion and grace of movement aswell as being great fun to learn.
A strongly rhythmical dance form that places an emphasis on the feet as a percussive instrument.
Responding to rhythm, timing and interpretation.
As students progresses they will develop an understanding of beat,
time signatures and musical expression.
Our classes follow the ISTD Sylibus alongside free work.
Advance Tap can be attended by students or Adults Grade 5+, 
this class pushes students to really Tap Dance.
ADULT Tap is for improvers & those that have tapped before. 
Street/Commercial Dance
Street Dance is an umbrella term,
used to describe dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios in everyday spaces.
It is a popular form of dance which really develops a dancer’s confidence
as they learn more about exploring movements and listening to the music.
It is a highly performance based subject
which involves captivating the audience within the dance routines.
With modern music and movement its a great style
for the young professional and equally for those that just enjoy to dance.
Beginner or Advanced Levels.
Infant Street is for Children that are in their first 2 years at school.
ADULT DANCE is for anyone who just likes to dance for fun.
Stretch & Lyrical
Stretch is pure dancer training which will develope flexability and strength,
improve on all varations of turns, leaps and body placement.
Lyrical uses technique combining  modern Jazz & Ballet
with self expression to convey a sence of emotion and grace.
Dancers develop an understanding of lyrics and melody and how to interpret them.
Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre combines acting, dance & singing. 
A mix of musicals along with acting to music. 
Great for all levels/abilities and forms a great team bond. 
The class allows students to be creative alongside building confidence.
This is a great class for any child. From age 8+
From M20, J12 Cheriton interchange roundabout take the A20 Ashford-bound for 1 mile,
turn right under bridges for Newington, the hall is 500yds on the left.  (Sat Nav CT18 8AU)
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